Friday, June 27, 2014

Jumbo Zorilla Patch or How Many Auctions Can I Lose In A Week?

I have had a rough few weeks trying to track down some of the jumbo pieces from Topps Series 2.  I picked up one piece from the jumbo line last week when I added a plain jumbo jersey of Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday.  I had a few other targets in the set, but I cannot win anything this week.  Yesterday's post detailed a pair of Acetate parallels I lost, today I will spare you the details of every jumbo auction I lost last week, but it's easily in the double digits.  At least half of the auction loses involve Mark McGwire.  

I left Big Mac alone for a few days and set my sights down a little bit to some Rays.  I still love the Rays, but being in last place eases the price and popularity of a players cards.  Being in last place and having an off season does even more.  Ladies and Gentleman, a Topps Jumbo I actually won without getting sniped at the last second:

The Zorilla is certainly having an off year and has been the subject of a lot of trade rumors lately.  He's a former Durham Bull and still one of my favorite players on the field, even if he's slowing down just a bit.  Through 66 games this year Zobrist is positing a .247/.332/.375 line which are all well below his career average.  

The card features a blue patch piece from a Rays home jersey along with a piece of white patch outline and a second piece of the outline on the right side of the circle.  The card is numbered to 99, which is really high for a jumbo jersey piece, but it is clear from the other cards in this set, that this is another case of Topps leftovers.  

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