Friday, December 8, 2023

A New Card Shop.

My track out from school started this past Friday. I really want to be productive with my time and accomplish a lot of stuff around my house, which includes getting some cards sorted out and boxed up. I recently finished putting together a few sets, so those are the top priority. However, in attempting to purchase boxes for my completed sets I got a little aggravated at the card shop that is near my house.  

I am not going to name names, but they are now stamping their boxes with their store name, contact information, and a QR code, which leads to their website. My collection is my collection, not an advertisement for your card shop, so I took a pass on buying the boxes. I figured I was going to have to order boxes online, but just in case I did a quick Google search looking to see if any new shops had popped up in the area.  

I was in luck.  

Triangle Area Sports Cards is located in Cary, North Carolina, which is about a fifteen minute drive from my house. If you're a local, it's off of Tryon Road and Buck Jones. It has been a minute since I have had a favorite local card shop, but this one won me over in a single visit. 

Here is the inside of Triangle Area Sports Cards.  

The owner is a nice guy. We talked off and on during my time in the store. Really helpful, but low pressure on buying and very friendly. He shared his vision for the store, this is going to be a good store.  

There were tons of cards to look through and things were clearly and fairly priced. I was able to walk away with my boxes for my sets, plus I ended up with a huge stack of cards. There are wax boxes behind the counter, but I was not in the market for wax. I also don't want to spend my entire morning scanning, so I am giving you the highlights.  

There were single cards everywhere in the store with a wide variety of price ranges. I decided to flip through the single cards of Blake Snell, Paul Goldschmidt, and Nolan Arenado. Again, just the highlights, but these were all either fifty cents or a quarter.  

All those Snell autographs, figured I should probably start trying to collect some of his base cards. I am sure he has a ton, but it's a project I am thinking about taking up for 2024. More on that later this month.  

Here are the highlights of the Goldschmidt cards.  

Love that Stadium Club card in the top row on the left with the Arch in the background.  

The highlights from my Arenado stack......

The $1 is one of those wavy refractors. I actually found a bunch of parallel cards from Topps Platinum Anniversary set in various boxes around the store. The Arenado is probably my favorite, but I also found a Juan Gonzalez numbered out of 25 and an Edgar Renteria numbered out of 150.  

I also picked up a handful of Jordan Walker singles, but I did not scan those.  

Next up is a relic card of Ozzie Smith. My scan flipped out here, it's not the card.  

This is a Jersey Fusion card. I did not know much about them, but I rolled the dice. Basically the company has authentic game-used jerseys and they attach them to existing sports cards by encasing them. The back has a QR code wear you can go see the actual jersey that was used to make your card.  

These two pieces come from a 1994 Cardinals road uniform.  Here are the pictures from the company website.......

There are a bunch of these on Ebay, some pretty crazy patch pieces too.  

The remainder of the cards I am going to post are autographs that fit into my collection for various reasons. Three were pretty inexpensive, the last was the big card I purchased on this shopping venture.  

First up, Cooper Criswell.  

Cooper Criswell went to the local light blue school, but spent last year pitching for the Durham Bulls. He was a solid starting pitcher in Triple A, but really struggled during his time in the Majors with the Rays. I believe he is a Minor League Free Agent at the moment, but he still played for the Bulls, so for a few dollars I now own his autograph.  

A.J. Puk is now on the Marlins. I dabble in his cards since I saw him throw a no-hitter while he was in college playing for the USA Baseball College Summer team.  I cannot even remember the last time I ran into one of his cards.  Anyway, for a few dollars, this one has a new home.  

Alec Burleson is a local kid, went to East Carolina. The Cardinals drafted him and used him as an outfielder last year. Probably more of a first baseman or DH in the long-run. Since I finally bought his autograph, I am sure the Cardinals will trade him within the next two weeks.  Book it.  

Last card and my big purchase for this card shop visit.  

It's been a minute since I have added a Scott Rolen card. He's been signing like crazy the past few years and I have missed more than a few good looking Rolen autographs. Figured this one kind of made up for a few of those missed opportunities. 

Overall, this was a really good card shop experience. If you are a local reader, I highly recommend you visit this Triangle Area Sportscards. I know you will enjoy it.  


  1. That seems like my kind of card shop and makes me remember the shop I went to over the summer near my daughter's house and now I want to go back there NOW.

  2. I might have to check this shop out in the future. Since Richmond, Virginia is a desolate wasteland when it comes to nearly everything, I mind as well call a shop in Cary, N.C. my LCS!

    1. Raleigh and Durham have been a desolate card desert for years, maybe something new will pop up in Richmond. In the meantime, it's a two hour drive and I am sure the owner would appreciate your business.

  3. I remember when Puk got traded to the Marlins. Never understood why the A's made that trade. Then again... it's hard to understand any decisions they make these days.

    P.S. Just curious... does the card shop stamp the boxes on the outside? If so, is the stamp on the bottom where it would be hidden? Or like on the front where most collectors label their sets/boxes? Either way, I'm like you... I wouldn't want my boxes to have advertising on them.

    1. Puk would have really helped out the A's this past season. Unfortunately, it's clear that the A's ownership is just putting out the worst product possible to drive away fans and justify their move. The Rams ownership did the same thing during their last few years in St. Louis. Gross to see billionaires grifting and scheming to get publicly financed stadiums

      Depends on the box, but yes some of them are stamped on the end where I would label the box. Highly annoying.

  4. I wouldn't want stamped boxes either. It's hard to believe that many collectors would. That Juan Gonzalez has gotta be one of the nicer looking cards from that set that I've seen on the blogs. It seems like that was a good price for something with such a low serial number. I'm guessing too that because he played when he did, Scott Rolen must have a lot of certified autos out there, which makes me think that his signatures are probably some of the cheapest of any HOFer -- though that will likely change in coming years when even more modern guys get elected.

    1. Rolen signed a lot early in his career, but it dropped off significantly after he was traded to the Cardinals. It then dropped to almost nothing while he was in Toronto and Cincinnati. His autographs are mid-range, anywhere from $30-50.


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