Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Marp Autograph

Panini makes a mean baseball cards some days and I kind of wish they had their license so collectors could enjoy their products without all the silliness of airbrushed over logos.  Sometimes they can still pull off a great design and make a cool card without showing a team's logo.  I was excited to see that Panini included Matt Carpenter on their Prizm checklist, but was worried about the overall appearance of the card.  Sure, I was probably going to find away to add the Carpenter autograph to my collection regardless of appearance, but Panini did a great job with this card.  

A little bit of glare on the picture, sorry, but my new computer will be here later this week.  Basically, Panini avoided the logos and airbrushing issues with this Carpenter card by posting a picture of him from behind while he is batting.  I love the white space for the signature and actually really like the design of the card.  Yes, it's very modern and metal looking, but that's not all bad.  We do not get that too much these days with Topps putting out a lot of retro looking cards sets and designs.  

This is just Carpenter's second certified autograph and the pricing on the card has generally put it around $20-$25 for the base version, which is the one I picked up, but the colored parallels can run more.  I actually really like the silver on the base autograph and think some of the colored versions are a bit much.  I had a chance at picking up a purplish/pink variation of this card on Ebay for a little more than $20 last week.  The card had a serial number on it, mine does not, but this base autograph version just struck me right.  

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