Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Greatest Mascot In Professional Sports In Patch Form

There are many people who will argue that mascots like The Gorilla, The Phillie Fanatic, or the San Diego Chicken are the greatest mascots in professional sports, but in my opinion nobody beats Wool E Bull, the mascot of the Durham Bulls.

We've discussed this before, but most people think the Durham Bulls mascot looks a little something like this guy from the Bull Durham movie:

and not this guy from the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and funny YouTube Videos:

Fortunately the good folks over at Topps recognize the awesomeness of Wool E Bull and have included the lovable mascot in their Pro Debut Mascot Patch set for a second year running.  Last week I was able to pick up a copy of the card off of Ebay.

I was actually able to get the gold version of the card which is limited to a print run of just 50 cards.  Wool E is rocking the camo jersey from the Military Appreciation Night the Bulls hosted at their park last year.  Of course, I will probably end up with the regular version of the card at some point too.

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