Sunday, June 8, 2014

Collecting the Durham Bulls: Bulls Bling

I attended a Durham Bulls game Friday night.  It was a great evening for a ballgame, except the Bulls lost pretty badly to the Pawtucket Paw Sox.  Raleigh-Durham is one of those metro areas loaded with tons of transplants, so of course there were a ton of Red Sox fans at the game to boot.  The Sox scored three runs in the first on a home run and picked up another three runs in the third all off of top Rays pitching prospect Enny Romero. Merrill Kelly pitched six innings of relief for the Bulls and shut out the Paw Sox the rest of the way. 

I was planning on posting a few more in my thread of Collecting Durham Bulls posts this coming week, but also wanted to take a little bit of time to share some of the cool things I pick up around the ballpark this year.  The Bulls are a first class organization and really have some nice promotional items for their season ticket holders and mini-plan holders. 

Rather than having a single night for a bobblehead, or beach towel, the Bulls give their ticket holders a set of tickets which they can redeem for a promotion of their choice.  You have a few opportunities throughout the year to pick up cool items and have some pretty cool choices.  I always try to plan out my items ahead of time.  I have two big targets this year and picked up the first of them a few weeks ago at a game. 

Last year was a great summer for the Bulls.  I feel like I say that almost every summer, but it really was a good summer.  The team won a lot of games, had great players, and was a really fun team to watch.  They ended up in the International League Playoffs and ended up taking the Governors Cup as the league champions.  The team fell in the Triple A National Championship game, but that still did not take away from the success the team had outside of that one game.  Here's a quick look at the team:

The Bulls made the 2013 championship run apart of their promotional schedule with a replica championship ring giveaway this year.  This was my first item I targeted on the giveaway calendar.  I know that several Major League teams have done this promotion over the years and they have been very popular with fans.  I actually went to the Cardinals ring giveaway in 2007 after they won the 2006 World Series.  I still have my ring sitting on a shelf in my house.  This Bulls ring is a really nice item.  Here are the pictures:

The front of the ring is pretty simple with the team logo and the Governor's Cup Champions script surrounding the jewels in the middle of the ring.  I like the baseball diamond design surrounding the Durham Bulls logo in the middle of the ring. 

One side of the ring has the International League logo.  The text under the league logo is an MiLB text. 

The other side of the ring features a Rays logo and the teams 93-59 record underneath.  Really a cool item and giveaway by the Bulls.  I am going to have another cool Bobble related item in a few weeks. 

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