Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tier One Redbirds

Topps dropped it's latest version of Tier One on the hobby this week. High end products are always incredibly tempting. $100 or so for two autographs. Who do you think you will get?  There are plenty of possibilities in the Tier One set which will have you leaving your local card shop a happy camper, but this is the sort product I always strikeout on. 

Let me put it this way: If I asked myself, while looking at the checklist, who would I want out if a Tier One box, I would simply read down the list of Cardinal signers in the set.  There's a nice Ozzie Smith and a Big Mac too, but after that we are down to Matt Adams, Joe Kelly, Matt Carpenter, and Peter Bourjos. I am not sure that those four players add up to $100. 

So, I have fought off all the temptation of buying Tier One boxes and started trying to pick up single copies of the different Cardinals autographs. This week I landed two of the autographs. 

First up is Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams. I am not sure how many different autographs Adams has during his two year career, but it's a lot. The Tier One is just the latest, but I really like the looks of this card. Plus it's an on-card signature. 

I also picked up an autograph of Cardinals outfielder Peter Bourjos. This is the former Angels outfielder's first season as Cardinal after being traded to the team for former World Series MVP David Freese. Bourjos has been greatly defensively for the Cardinals, but is still looking for his offense. 

Overall, I really enjoy the look of this year's Tier One product and am looking forward to picking up a few more Cardinals autographs from this year's set. Maybe even one of those Ozzie or Big Mac cards. 

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