Sunday, June 22, 2014

Live Blog Fail and Wil Myers Durham Bulls Bobblehead

I tried to live blog a Durham Bulls game last night and guessed wrong on the night to make my first run at spontaneous blogging.  I had planned on doing a pre-game post outside the stadium, inside the stadium, and then several posts throughout the game.  The first inning went great and the score was 1-1.  During the second inning the Syracuse Chiefs managed 11 runs and were batting for 45 minutes.  By the time the Bulls ninth place hitter, Ray Olmedo, came up for the first time, the Chiefs first place hitter had batted four times.

The logistics of blogging from the ballpark worked great, the event just did not cooperate.  We will try again at the Triple A Home Run Derby and Triple A All-Star game.  Certainly a few Durham Bulls will appear, likely Mike Montgomery, and also a few of the Chiefs players I saw last night should be there too.  Steven Sousa was really impressive Nats fans.  Really, really talented player.

I made it through a few posts of my live blogging efforts, but was slightly depressed after the big second inning and never revealed what was in the box I posted during my pre-game post.

So, if you took time to read the post then it is pretty obvious that the box contained a Will Myers bobble head.  The Bulls usually do one bobble head, or statute type giveaway every year.  Last year there was Chipper Jones.  This year Myers gets the nod after the North Carolina native walked away with the American League Rookie of the Year after starting the year playing with the Durham Bulls.  I cashed in my second giveaway ticket for this bobble head after using my first one on the Bulls Championship ring.


Here's a look at the bobble:

Overall a really cool item and a welcome addition to my shelf of bobble heads.

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