Thursday, June 26, 2014

An Acetate Archer

One of my favorite parts of the 2014 Topps set is the inclusion of the new acetate parallels.  The cards are serial numbered to just 10 and have a great look about them.  I picked up two of these cards from Series 1 and was eager to add a few more when Series 2 dropped a few weeks ago.  I originally had three targets on Ebay.  I missed two of my targets.  Tim Beckham:

I can blame this one on ADD.  I knew the cards was ending, I planned on bidding, and the price was obviously right.  What was I doing when this card went off?  Something other than bidding on this affordable card.  Bummer.  My other target was Jon Jay.  ADD?

Nope.  Just simply outbid on the item.  I tried hard, but it's hard to spend more than $25 on Jon Jay.  Especially when two other copies of the card are currently floating around on Ebay and are both under $10 at the moment.  Please don't bid me up!  Which left me with my third target.  Some say it's the charm.....

This is a great card and I am a huge fan of Chris Archer.  He's a former Durham Bull.  He's from Raleigh.  I met him last year at the USA Baseball complex in Cary, North Carolina.  He's an awesome hard throwing pitcher and I have added a lot of his cards over the last two or three years.  This Acetate card is a great addition.

My favorite part of the Acetate cards is the back.  I love the reverse picture and also really like the translucent look with the black frame.  I am not sure that the scan does this card enough justice.


  1. These are very, very cool. Congratulations on adding the Archer to your collection.

  2. Thank you. I really would like to add a Cardinals card like this, but they are always so much.