Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Cardinals Autographs

I am really going to post a little more on Topps 2.  I promise, but time has been tight this week with my school year winding down.  Report cards, End of Grade testing, teacher has been a really busy week.  However, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and am looking forward to my last week of this school year.  I will also be spending a little time catching up on cards this weekend, including a few good posts on the Topps Series 2 cards.  Promise.  

In the meantime I have two other cards I picked up last week on my trip in to Big D's Card Shop to pick up and open my box of series 2 cards.  Jimmy, the owner of the store, had been looking out for cool Cardinals cards for me and ran across two really cool autographed cards.  The first card I picked up from Big D's was a Carlos Martinez autograph from last year's Topps Chrome set.  

I have another copy of this card, but this is just a really cool autograph.  Could not turn down another copy at such a great price.  The card features an on-card autograph of the Cardinals hard throwing reliever/part time starter.  My second card:

Jimmy was pretty sure that I was going to have this card, but if you remember back in the day, I had a little bit of an issue with this set.  The airbrushing in this set was pretty outrageous, but a Wacha rookie autograph is a Wacha rookie autograph regardless of the quality of airbrushing.  

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