Sunday, June 29, 2014

Unique Upton

I have so many directions that I could go on cards this morning.  It's my second day off after a long school year and I am going to need a good week to get caught up on all the cards that are sitting on my desk ready to be typed up, scanned, and shared.  This morning I am going with an old favorite player.

I know BJ is an outfielder with the Braves, but my best memories of him will always be as an infielder with the Durham Bulls.  My best memory of Upton will always be him hitting a walk off grand slam to lead the Bulls to a win on Opening Day in 2006, but I cannot find a video of the hit anywhere online.  BJ only lasted part of that summer in Durham posting a .269/.374/.394 line with 8 home runs and 18 doubles in 106 games before he was called up to Tampa.  That's right, BJ Upton could take a pitch or two in Triple A, just not the Majors.

I still check in on BJ, but I know enough Braves fans who are pained by his presence on the teams roster, that if I do not check I still kind of know that he's not doing well.  And besides, Rays fans all know that when players come up for free agency there is a really good chance that they are going to walk.  It was good to see BJ get his pay day.  It was cool that he landed in the same outfield as his brother.  Not cool that he's hitting .200 with almost 100 strikeouts already.

I like to remember BJ like this:

Everyone see John Jaso in that video?  Sweet.  

Anyway, I also still check in on some BJ Upton cards.  Honestly, I have a bunch and will look on occasion.  There are still some people who believe that BJ has some star power and price his accordingly, but there are also some really cool pieces that come up and every once in awhile I snap into action.  One came up last week.

I have done a few things on the Topps Unique set on my blog since I have started writing here, but should probably do a little bit more.  Like patch cards?  This is the set.  It does have some nice autographs, but there are some incredible relics in this set.  This BJ Upton card is serial numbered to just 15 copies and features the top of the R from the RAYS script on the front of the Tampa jerseys.  A really cool piece for $20 considering that the only other copy on the internet is currently listed for the ridiculous price of $320.  

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