Saturday, June 14, 2014

Durham Bulls Rainbow

The Topps Pro Debut set dropped last week. My goal with this set is always simple: find all the Durham Bulls cards that I can get my hands on. Usually I am most interested in autographs and patch cards. The past two years Topps has put a manufactured patch card of the Bulls in the set, so I started out by looking for this year's version.  This year's edition features left handed pitching prospect Mike Montgomery, who came to the Rays organization from the Royals in the Wil Myers/James Shields trade.  I was able to find the regular version of the card pretty easily. 

The regular version of this card is serial numbered to 99, similar to last year, which made this card a little bit tougher to find, but not too bad. 

While I was looking I noticed that there were two other versions of the Montgomery card floating around on EBay. I am not super big into the whole concept of rainbows, picking up all the colored parallels of a card, but this seemed like a pretty simple one to put together. I decided to go for it. First up the gold version: 

This was the toughest of the three cards to pick up. Other people were interested in the card, there were multiple bids, which means sitting and watching the clock on an auction. I never the feeling of losing at the last second, but I managed to eek this one out. The gold version has just 5 copies. 

Which left just the printing plate. I was dreading the end of this auction, given the fact that the gold version was tough, I imagined that the plate would be even tougher.  Surprisingly, no. 

This card cost me just a little bit more than the regular card ended up costing me.  I was really nervous watching the end of this auction and was prepared to swoop in with something slightly ridiculous to save my Durham Bulls rainbow, but there was no need. 

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