Saturday, February 2, 2013

2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Miguel Cabrera Autograph

Last year I started working on adding cards of Miguel Cabrera to my collection.  All was going well last spring and into early summer until Cabrera started chasing the Triple Crown.  The end of last season saw the prices on Cabrera cards spike.  Trading and buying cards of the Tigers third baseman became a lot harder and much more expensive.  Luckily, when a player's card prices spike due to a specific event, they normally slowly return to the normal level.  For example, last April Mariners pitcher Phil Humber threw a perfect game.  Immediately there were collectors looking for his cards in trade groups and all of the $1.99 autographs of him on Ebay were snatched up.  Look today and you will see there are still a few people that are living in last year, but the majority of Phil Humber autographs now sell for less than $10 and many of those are under $5.  Right where they should be.

2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Miguel Cabrera Autograph

When I started trading for Cabrera cards last summer they were very reasonable.  One of my first Cabrera trades was for a Sweet Spot autograph, giving up a Matt Moore autograph.  Reasonable.  This fall I had traders and collectors asking for Aaron, Musial, and Mays autographs for Miggy cards.  I bowed out.  As much as I have enjoyed collecting Cabrera cards, I do not value his cards in the same light as I value a first ballot Hall of Famers.  Although, he might reach that status in the next few years, he is not there yet.  So, for this Cabrera I had to put together a small package of Marlins autographs including a pair Josh Johnson cards and a Matt Dominguez.  For good measure I also picked up this sweet 2001 Fleer Showcase Brandon Inge too. 

2001 Fleer Showcase Brandon Inge Autograph

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  1. That Cabrera auto is awesome, but the Inge is truly a sweet sig. Great cards. I'm still waiting for Miggy's autos to level out. I want one so bad, but I'm willing to wait a little longer.