Friday, February 22, 2013

2013 Topps Cy Young Commemorative Bob Gibson

The first series of 2013 Topps has now been out several weeks and I am still interested and adding more cards.  That has not happened in awhile with a base Topps set.  Over the past four or five years there have been good parts of Topps set, but this is the most complete product that Topps has slapped their flagship label on in years.  So, there are still a few Cardinals cards and inserts which are floating around and I am still hoping to add to my collection.  Earlier this week, I crossed one of those cards off of my list.

2013 Topps Cy Yong Commemorative Bob Gibson 

Last weekend I had posted my Chris Carpenter Cy Young Award card, but did not consider my collection of Topps cards from series one complete without this awesome Gibby.  Just like the Carpenter, this is an extremely thick card and the Cy Young award on the right-hand side is metallic and not plastic.  Very nice card recognizing the Cardinals Hall of Famer's legendary 1968 Cy Young performance.

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