Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013 Topps Matt Holliday 2011 World Series ManuPatch

I am working on putting together my 2013 Topps set and just added a Manupatch of Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday.  The first series of the 2013 Topps set has some pretty unique manu-patches, manucards, and manu-trophies.  The patch cards this year seem a little bit lost.

2013 Topps Matt Holliday 2011 World Series Patch

I had actually scouted out the Cardinals and Rays cards in the set that I wanted to pursue when Topps released the checklist for the first series awhile back and had seen some of the items in a few of the preview pictures released.  Last week when the cards hit the shelf I started tracking down cards including a few manupatches, manucards, and manutrophies.  The cards and trophies are pretty cool looking and will have a few of those up in the coming days.  However, when I started scouting out the patches I was a little disappointed.  I know I gave the 2013 Topps set a positive review last week, so I guess this is my negative, or delta, for the first series.

The biggest issue with the patch cards this year is that they seem very random.  Last year, we had a cool set of retired numbers which were cool to track down and find.  The year before that Topps gave us patch cards featuring the different logos that the different MLB teams had used throughout their history.  This year there is no theme.  I had seen Holliday on the checklist and tracked this card almost immediately after the set's release.  Seeing the World Series logo I thought that maybe Topps was going back to the All-Star game and Postseason patches, but that theme doesn't hold true.  There are team logos, stadium logos, all-star games, and several other different designs.  I am happy to have my new Matt Holliday World Series patch, but will probably leave it here as far as picking up manupatches from the 2013 Topps set.

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