Friday, February 8, 2013

1998 Topps Tek Update: Yankees Cards

I had originally set my goal for finishing my Topps Tek set at two months.  However, I am on second Topps Tek update of the week and am quickly closing in on finishing up this set.  The best part is that I can also say that I finished up a trade for several of the other cards on my checklist this afternoon.  Maybe by the end of this month should be my more realistic goal.  I am hopeful.  There is one card that seems to be in short supply on checklist.

Earlier in the week I found a Yankees collector who was willing to part with their extras to help me out with my Topps Tek set.  While I already had the Orlando Hernandez added earlier in the week, I still took the card and am hoping to use it as trade bait for something still left on my checklist.  The other four cards I picked up were Bernie Williams, Chuck Konoblauch, Tino Martinez, and Paul O'Neill.  With the four new cards crossed off my updated list I am down to 26 cards.  

Updated list:

2 Kerry Wood, 3 Barry Bonds, 6 Frank Thomas, 16 Brady Anderson, 17 Vladimir Guerrero, 18 Dave Justice, 19 Chipper Jones, 21 Roger Clemens, 22 Mark Kotsay, 23 Tony Gwynn, 26 Andruw Jones, 29 Gary Sheffield, 32 Curt Schilling, 33 Robin Ventura, 34 Larry Walker, 42 Derek Bell, 45 Kenny Lofton, 51 Cal Ripken, 52 Jason Kendall, 60 Juan Gonzalez, 62 Jose Cruz, 64 Edgar Martinez, 76 Derrek Lee, 79 Jeff King, 80 Mike Mussina,  86 Mike Piazza

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