Monday, February 11, 2013

2002 Donruss Studio So Taguchi Jersey Card

I am taking a break from my 2013 Topps cards for a few singles I picked up this past week.  I spotted a sweet So Taguchi jersey card and decided to try and work out a trade for it and ended up walking away with a few extras.

2002 Donruss Studio So Taguchi Jersey

So Taguchi was a Japanese outfielder who came over to the Cardinals before the 2002 season.  Many Cardinals fans were excited about the signing, but Taguchi spent a lot of time in AAA when he first arrived.  Eventually Taguchi made it up to St. Louis and was an extra outfielder for a few seasons including the 2006 World Series team.  In fact, Taguchi hit an important home run off of Mets relief pitcher Billy Wagner to win a game.  After securing the Taguchi card, I also ended up with three other autographed cards.  

2011 Bowman Chrome Alex Colome Autograph 

All three autographs were nice additions to my Taguchi jersey card, but this Colome card was probably my favorite of the extra three cards.  Colome pitched last season in Durham and I had been trying to pick up a copy of this card.  I just had not quite accomplished anything in terms of landing one.  Not sure that Colome will be in Tampa this year, but he is a hard thrower and I think he can be an effective relief pitcher in the future.  

2012 Bowman Jedd Gyorko Autograph 

I also picked up this Jedd Gyorko autograph which also filled a nice hole in my collection.  Gyorko played college ball at West Virginia and quickly made his way up through the minors.  He believe that he was a third baseman and has converted to second base, but he has a great bat and should hit in the majors.  Apparently even in Petco he will be a top offensive second baseman soon.  Again, this is another card I had been looking to add to my collection, but just had not had the chance or opportunity.  

2012 Topps Chrome Tom Milone Autograph

Last card in this trade is for a Tom Milone autograph.  He actually started his career with the Nationals and was traded to the A's for Gio Gonzalez before last season.  Seems like a solid starter and a solid cardboard investment.  Happy to add it to my collection.

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