Monday, February 18, 2013

1998 Donruss Signature Sandy Koufax Autograph

I am always in the market to add a great Hall of Fame signature to my collection, while at the same time try to balance value and finding new autographs of players that I do not have in my collection.  Last spring I was able to pick up an autograph of Sandy Koufax for my collection.  At the time it was my second Koufax autograph and represented a significant upgrade over my other Koufax autograph which was a 1998 Donruss Signature.  I was able to trade this other Koufax autograph for a bundle of cards and fill in some other holes, needs, and wants in collection.

1998 Donruss Signature Significant Signatures Sandy Koufax Autograph

and we've come full circle in a little less than a year.  Why acquire another copy of this card?  One of the best things about the late 90s Donruss Signature Series cards is that they were completely overproduced.  Overproduction means that they often cannot be traded or sold for nearly as much as the depicted player's autograph may otherwise sell.  For example, this Koufax autograph has a print run of 2000.  Most recently issued Koufax autographs are print runs of 100 or less.  They both feature autographs of Sandy Koufax, but this card can be found a little more than $100 if you are patient and in the right place at the right time.  For collectors walking a line between owning great cards and staying within a budget, the Donruss Signature Series cards a great set to check out.


  1. I've always wanted this card. Back then, collectors could send in their Billy Williams Significant Signatures card and Donruss would ship the collector a Koufax and the original Williams card (stamped redeemed). It was an awesome surprise for anyone who pulled the Williams.

  2. That's an awesome card! Nice work.

  3. Great card. Love the fact that theres 2 versions of this. I have them both in a side by side holder.