Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1998 Topps Tek Set Update

I am still working on completing my 1998 Topps Tek set with the goal to complete the set by the end of month.  That gives me a little more than a week to find and acquire the remaining cards in the set.  Let's take a look at where I was after the last update:

2 Kerry Wood, 3 Barry Bonds, 6 Frank Thomas, 16 Brady Anderson, 17 Vladimir Guerrero, 18 Dave Justice, 19 Chipper Jones, 21 Roger Clemens, 22 Mark Kotsay, 23 Tony Gwynn, 26 Andruw Jones, 29 Gary Sheffield, 32 Curt Schilling, 33 Robin Ventura, 34 Larry Walker, 42 Derek Bell, 45 Kenny Lofton, 51 Cal Ripken, 52 Jason Kendall, 60 Juan Gonzalez, 62 Jose Cruz, 64 Edgar Martinez, 76 Derrek Lee, 79 Jeff King, 80 Mike Mussina,  86 Mike Piazza

That's 26 cards left to go.  Last week was a slow week on the Topps Tek front.  I was able to locate several cards, but was only able to pick up a grand total of two cards.  One disadvantage of advertising the fact that you are looking for cards is that some traders will try to make the cards worth a little bit more than what they are really worth.  The two cards I was able to trade for are below:

1998 Topps Tek Brady Anderson 

1998 Topps Tek Derrek Lee

That would bring my checklist down to twenty-four cards except that does not include my progress from this weekend.  My fortunes turned around a bit and I was able to pick up an additional ninteen cards from my want list.  Throw in a trade from Twitter and there are 20 new Topps Tek cards on their way to my mailbox at the moment.  Leaving me with a scant four cards to find over the next week and a few days.  My new list now reads:

David Justice, Tony Gwynn, Jason Kendall, Juan Gonzalez, and Mike Piazza.

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  1. Posting your want lists definitely has its pros and cons. Sometimes you get generous bloggers who will throw some freebies in your direction. Other times you get the guy who thinks he can work you over. Luckily, I'm pretty patient and have no problems with waiting until the right deal comes along. Best of luck with your set.