Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2012 Topps Five Star Miguel Cabrera Jersey/Autograph

The Five Star release was easily the best product put out on the market last year by Topps.  While it is definitely a high-end product, the cards are well worth the money.  Especially if you can find some of the single cards out on the secondary market.  My favorite part of this product is the fact that Topps actually put out a high end product with on-card autographs.  I completely understand why a box of base Topps might have sticker autographs to keep prices low, but when you are selling people a box of cards with one pack for a couple of hundred dollars, you can pay some players to actually sign their cards.  Which brings me to the latest addition to my collection:

2012 Topps Five Star Miguel Cabrera Jersey/Autograph

I have been working on adding more Cabrera cards to my collection during the past year and have added several really nice cards.   This autograph might be my favorite.  While Cabrera does not have the most artistic signature, he is very consistent in how he signs his name.  This card has a great signature and a piece of white Tigers home jersey.  A definite keeper.

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