Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Topps Silver Slugger Award Prince Fielder

I picked up one last Silver Slugger award for the collection in the middle of last week.  I was happy to see Prince Fielder's name on the checklist a week or so before the 2013 Topps product dropped, but was a little reluctant to pick up the card when I saw that Prince was wearing a Brewers jersey on the card.  I dabbled a little bit with Prince cards during the past year with him ending up on the Tigers last off season, but I haven't gone all in on Prince.

2013 Topps Silver Slugger Prince Fielder

Fielder actually won the Silver Slugger last season for the Tigers in his first season in Detroit.  I also got to check out a Tigers game last summer where I learned that Prince cannot slide.  Really, check out the video below.  Just like my Matt Kemp Silver Slugger card, the Prince is a very thick card and the metal bat on the side is really metal and is pretty heavy.  I am finished picking up manufactured cards from the first series of 2013 Topps cards unless I can find the Ken Griffey Jr. Silver Slugger card for a reasonable price.  

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  1. What are you talking about he can't slide? He looked like a human bowling ball taking out the 2B haha