Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 Topps Silver Slugger Matt Kemp

2013 Topps Silver Slugger Matt Kemp

I am still working on my 2013 Topps set.  I've finished the base set and most of the inserts, which has lead me to chase down a few cool manupatch type cards to finish off my Series 1 cards.  I added a sweet Holliday patch card a day or two ago, but I think my card today beats out the Matt Holliday.  This Matt Kemp card is from the Silver Slugger manupatch set, but it's not really a manupatch.  The bat on the right side of the card is a small silver bat and the black piece beneath it is also metallic.  I am not sure about what type of card stock Topps used for this card, but it is probably the thickest baseball card I have ever seen.  

While the actually manupatches featured in the first series of the 2013 Topps set are slightly disappointing, some of the other manufactured cards are spectacular.  I have a few more to share early next week.  This is a really creative set concept and product from Topps.  While I have never assembled an entire manufactured card set I am tempted to work on putting this one together over the year.  Most of the cards in the set are around $10 with the exception of the Ken Griffey Jr. card.  I would imagine that Topps will also put out a second round of these in June with the release of the 2nd Series.  Hoping there might be a Cardinal.  

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