Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Ray Lankford Cards

I've got to drop a Ray Lankford update in every once in awhile.  The last time I made a post with a new Ray Lankford card a Twitter follower asked me when I was going to post the cards that I normally post again.  I will answer the question early this morning and say: later today.  Every collector needs an interesting player or niche for their collection.  For me, I enjoy finding my Ray Lankford cards.  They are generally inexpensive and has been retired long enough that the cards are a good challenge to track down.  This past week I was actually able to add two more cards to my Ray Lankford collection.

1999 Bowman Chrome International Refractor Ray Lankford 

First up this morning is the 1999 Bowman Chrome International Refractor Ray Lankford.  The International Refractors are limited to a print run of 100 and differ from the normal refractor in the background of the card.  The normal Bowman Chrome card has the same picture of Lankford, but there is a dugout in the background of the regular card.  The International Cards have pictures or flags in the backgrounds depending on the year of the card.  I rather like the flags, but this is still a nice new card to add to the Lankford collection.

1997 Skybox EX-2000 Ray Lankford Essential Credentials 

I have picked up several of the Essential Credential cards for Ray Lankford over the years and posted them in my space here.  However, I had never picked up a copy of the 1997 version until this past week.  Skybox ran the Essential Credentials set as a straight parallel the first year they ran this set.  Meaning that this card is serial numbered 299 along with all the other Essential Credential cards.  The 1998 set began the leveled print runs.

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