Monday, February 18, 2013

In Case You Missed It: 2013 Snorting Bull Blog Contest

One of the coolest things about having a baseball card blog is holding contests.  I have toyed with different contests during the past year and have decided to settle on holding a single contest every year centered around the launch date of my blog of March 8th.  This year's addition will be starting this afternoon and running through March 8th.  I have enjoyed my time blogging and do not plan on stop anytime soon, so this will be an annual event.  The rules and actual contest are going to be fairly simple.  I have learned that simple is better.  So, here goes:

1st Annual Snorting Bull Baseball Card Blog Contest

On March 8th I will be giving away one copy of a 2013 Stan Musial Commemorative MVP Trophy card to one lucky contest winner.  To enter the contest, you must simply follow the Snorting Bull blog,  like or friend my Facebook page, or follow our Twitter account.  You may enter up to four times if you follow my blog in all four places.  There are no trivia questions or crazy partial pictures of baseball cards to track down.  Pretty simple stuff.  On March 8th, I will randomly draw one follower from one of the sites to win the fantastic baseball card below.  


  1. Already following...and that's a sweet card. Thanks and I hope you have many contests!

  2. Very cool contest! I am now following your other sites as well as the blog.