Sunday, February 17, 2013

2012 Topps Skip Schumaker Squirrel Short Print

I waited a long time this past year to pick up the imfamous "Squirrel Card".  I was excited when I the 2012 Topps cards dropped and saw that such a card existed, but a little bit skeptical when the first first couple prints to sell on Ebay crossed $500.  I love the Cardinals, love that they won the World Series in 2011 after the squirrel ran on the field, but not sure that I love Skip Schumaker for $500.  I am not sure that I love Stan Musial or Albert Pujols for $500.  Luckily, the card came down in value and I was able to secure a copy about a month and a half ago.

2012 Topps Skip Schumaker Squirrel Short Print

Last week, I ran into another copy of the Skip Schumaker squirrel variation and was able to swing a trade for the card.  The card is a little bit gimmicky, but is a really cool card that will continue to remain popular and valuable.  I kind of think about it being in the same class as the 2006 Topps Alex Gordon card.  Another pretty ridiculous card, but still really popular and still highly sought after.  I was also able to pick up another sweet card in the trade too.  

2010 Topps Triple Threads Ivan Rodriguez Relic/Autograph

I was also excited to get my hands on this card.  I have used the word "dry" on my blog before in describing a card and been asked questions about it, so I will take a few minutes to explain it here, since this card is definitely a "dry" card.  Anytime you are buying, selling, or trading a card there are different reference points a collector can use to help determine the value of a card.  The least valuable is Beckett. It is archaic and dated, further the information is at least thirty days old.  Many times older, which is bad for newer cards which are often initially inflated in value.  The second place reference point is searching for completed sales.  You can ask a dealer or store owner, check out a website like Check Out My Cards, or hunt the completed listings on Ebay.  So, what happens when you cannot find the card? 

That's when you can say a card is dry.  Ivan Rodriguez currently has three Triple Threads cards on Ebay that are for sale or have sold and one on Check Out My Cards.  The completed listing on Ebay was for a triple autograph with Johnny Bench and Carlton Fisk and sold for $180.  The current two listings are for a simple three piece jersey for $24 and this card for $90.  COMC has one jersey card for just south of $20.  Find an Ivan Rodriguez collector and they will tell you that you can find lots of different autographs, but the Triple Threads are almost all gone and rarely come up for sale.  As a Matt Holliday collector I can tell you that the same thing happens with his Triple Threads autographs too.  Always nice to add a card like this to your collection.  

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