Sunday, February 3, 2013

2004 Topps World Series Highlights David Justice Autograph

I am going to go ahead and file this card in my Durham Bulls collection.  Last month I did a non-baseball card blog post about my take on the greatest Durham Bulls players.  I compiled my list based on the players impact in the Major Leagues.  One of my five greatest Durham Bulls on that list was outfielder David Justice.  Justice might be best remembered for being in the book and movie Moneyball (his likeness), or being briefly married to Halle Berry, but he was also a pretty good baseball player.

2004 Topps World Series Highlights David Justice Autographs

Justice appeared in a Durham Bulls uniform in the late 80s when the team was affiliated with the Atlanta Braves as an A ball team.  Justice would go on to win the 1990 National League Rookie of the Year and the 2000 American League League Championship Series MVP while playing for the Braves, Indians, Yankees, and A's.  I was approached about this card awhile ago and it took awhile to wrap up the trade, but was happy to add this card to my collection.  The autograph is an on-card signature which has become a rarity for a Justice signature.  He has several autographed cards in the past few years, but they are all sticker autographs.  The card has a dark background, which is a little bit of a drawback, but Justice signed the card in a light spot in the bottom corner.  

2001 Upper Deck Seventies Baseball Manny Mota Bat Card

 I also picked up a cool Manny Mota bat card in this trade from the 2001 Upper Deck 70s baseball card set.

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