Monday, February 4, 2013

2000 Skybox and 2001 Topps Fusion Todd Helton Autographs

I've put up several posts in the past few months about cards which I've picked up after seeing the player in college.  After my post a few weeks ago about NC State pitcher Carlos Rodon, a fellow collector began to bend my ear about watching Todd Helton during his time playing for the Tennessee Volunteers.  I have always liked Helton and enjoyed hearing some of the stories about his playing college playing career, so I decided to put a watch out for a nice Helton card.  

2000 Skybox Autographics Todd Helton Autograph

Last week I landed one Todd Helton autograph that I was very happy to add to my collection and quickly landed a second two days later.  The Skybox card is a nice on-card autograph, but the Skybox logo in the background of the card is raised and caused a slight inconsistency in the signature on the left-hand side of the signature.  Compare with the autograph below.

2001 Topps Fusion Todd Helton Autograph

This 2001 Topps Fusion Todd Helton autographed card is also an on-card autograph too, but there are two differences in the signatures.  First, the Topps Fusion card offers a flat clear surface for the signer which allowed Helton to sign a cleaner autograph.  If you look at the ink in the autograph it is consistent throughout.  Second, Helton signed a longer version of his autograph on the Topps Fusion card.  Like many players whom are asked to sign their name often, Todd Helton's signature has changed over time.  


  1. Does the value of a card go up or down if a player gets DUI like Todd Helton? Personally I don't think he's out of the woods yet.