Monday, July 22, 2013

The Greatest Baseball Logo Captured on Cardboard

Last year Topps put a Hak Ju Lee hat patch logo card in their Topps Pro Debut set featuring the Rays shortstop prospect as a Montgomery Biscuit.  The Biscuits are the Double-A team of the Rays, so many of the players on the Durham Bulls, the Rays Triple A team, played for the Biscuits at some point.  I missed out on the Hak Ju Lee card last year and in doing so, missed my chance to have a the Biscuits logo on cardboard.  Cool logo pictured below:

Who wouldn't want a card with a giant version of that logo pasted on the front?  Luckily, someone at Topps did not get the message that Hak Ju Lee was playing in Durham this season, or perhaps since they already had a Durham Bulls logo card of Alex Colome, Topps made the executive decision to demote Lee in his Pro Debut appearance this year.  Which ever way you decided it went down, the decision to keep Hak Ju Lee as a Biscuit for an additional year allowed me a chance at redemption.

2013 Topps Pro Debut Hak Ju Lee Hat Logo Patch 

I was actually worried for awhile that I was going to fail on my mission for a second straight year.  I found one copy of this card for trade, but the other collector was looking for a Hall of Fame autograph or "Yankee type autograph" in return.  This was my initial PM on trading for the Lee patch card:  

"Dude, you have some pretty sweet Yogi Berra autographs, I could do one of those for the Lee"   

After spitting out my beverage I countered with a "Yankee type" autograph of Joba Chamberlain or maybe a Brett Gardner.  Still waiting for a response by not holding my breath.  If he ever actually trades me the card I will do a give away on my Facebook or Twitter page.  

Eventually I narrowed my search down to Ebay where I promptly watched several auctions, but forgot about them and forgot to bid.  I found a Buy It Now, but it was significantly higher than the auctions and the final offer price of $14 was not going to hack it on this card.  Finally, I was paying attention last week and found a copy for less than $5.00 which is good since I am back to school this week.  No more day auctions.  

In the meantime, I am really pleased with my latest pick up.  I really like Hak Ju Lee as a player, but more importantly I really like the Montgomery Biscuits logo.  There are some pretty crazy minor logos and mascots, but this one has to be one of the best ever.  


  1. My local MiLB team is the Mobile Baybears (a few hours south of Montgomery and the Biscuits).
    The Waffle House restaurants in the area for free biscuits whenever Mobile beats Montgomery.

    That is a sweet patch logo, I may have to try to pick one up myself!

  2. Love that logo. I own a fitted cap that looks like this:

    1. That's a really sweet hat. Might have to find one of those.

  3. Just landed a 3 of 5 today...Love logo...