Sunday, July 28, 2013

2009 Bowman Sterling Justin Masterson Autograph

Sometimes I wonder if collectors actually watch and pay attention to what's going on during the Major League Baseball season.  Honestly, there are some cards that simply do not fit their price.  Both ways, high and low.  Why are ARod autographs not $20 yet?  Seriously, I still see collectors paying a premium for his ink.  What can he possible accomplish to justify spending $100 on his autograph that has not been completely washed away by the fact that he's a little bit slimly?

Same can be said for several players being undervalued.  I recently ran into a Justin Masterson autograph and was shocked to find it available for $3.  While he is not going to win the Cy Young Award this season, Masterson has been one of the key players in leading the Cleveland Indians to respectability this season.

2009 Bowman Sterling Justin Masterson Autograph 

Three dollars for the autograph of an above-average player is ridiculously cheap.  Masterson is out performing pitchers like C.C. Sabathia, but yet his autograph sells for a fraction of the Yankees hurler.  Sure, there is the fact that Masterson is stuck playing in Cleveland while Sabathia is toiling in mediocrity under bigger lights in New York, but still there seems to be little reasoning behind the price some collectors pay for the signatures of certain players.  Masterson does have a pretty extensive line of autographs and signed frequently as a younger player including several on-card signatures.

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