Monday, July 8, 2013

2010 Bowman Platinum George Springer Jersey/Autograph

I started my George Springer collection just a few short weeks ago, but have only added one autograph of the Astros outfield prospect to my collection before last week.  Over the weekend, my second autograph of the top prospect arrived in my mailbox.  Similar to my previous Springer autograph, this card features him in his USA Baseball team uniform.  In fact, I am finding that most of his early cards are from the former UConn Huskies time with the USA Baseball National College team.  This particular card is also from 2010, but hails from the Bowman Platinum set.

2010 Bowman Platinum George Springer Jersey/Autograph 

The USA Baseball team was featured throughout the 2010 Bowman Platinum set and is worth a little bit of your time as a collector.  Beyond Springer, the set also features Jackie Bradley Jr, Gerrit Cole, Sonny Gray, Nolan Fontana, Sean Gilmartin, and Alex Dickerson.  All good upcoming prospects and worthy of picking up for your collection.  The autograph cards in the set are stickers, like the 2010 Topps USA Baseball set, but the cards still seem to hold their value pretty well.  The Bradley card often sells for between $25 and $30, Cole in the mid $20s, and Springer cards sells for $10-$15.  While the Bradley cards have taken off in value, the Springer and Cole have held steady and offer a good value to collectors looking to add their signatures.

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