Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer of the Double

I know there is some hype going around this summer about the home run pace that Chris Davis is on and whether or not he can come close to crossing the non-steriod home run record of Roger Maris.  Across the diamond there is another chase going on that is getting far less attention around baseball, but has had me riveted on the Orioles box scores the past month or two.  The doubles chase.

In someways I feel as if I have jinxed Orioles third baseman Manny Machado by spending time on the Orioles box scores.  I skip the Chris Davis stuff and focus on Machado.  Davis is not going to pass 61, so let's focus on a breakable record.  Well, maybe.  At some point in June I started paying close attention to the doubles hit by Machado.  He ended the month with 38.  During July he has hit 1.

The overall line of Machado has slipped greatly during the month of July.  He's posted a line of .208/.288/.333 with a few days to go.  However, he's also still on pace to hit 60 doubles this season, which is seven short of the record.  Still pretty remarkable stuff considering that since the end of World War II no player has reached the 60 double plateau.

Todd Helton had a total of 59 in 2000 and several players including Carlos Delgado, Garrett Anderson,  Biggio, Berkman, Garciaparra, George Kell, and who could forget Brian Roberts all crossed 55.  Assuming that Machado can recover from his July swoon, he still has plenty of time to accomplish a rare feat this summer.  At least, in my opinion, a much better chance than Davis.

If only a few more people would take notice of the doubles chase.  After taking notice and following the box scores what's the next logical step in my world?  Baseball cards and I am thin in the world of Manny Machado.  A 21 year old hitting almost .300 on pace for 60 doubles on a first place team is worthy of my attention.  So, I scanned the market.  Looked at a few trade possibilities.  Look at a few purchase possibilities then decided to swap out a Ryan Braun auto, Kershaw auto, and some small relics and what-not for a Machado auto.  I will miss Kershaw.  Braun.  Good riddance.  Here's my new get:

2010 Bowman Manny Machado Autograph 

This is considered a Machado rookie if you do not consider he's in a bunch of 2009 USA Baseball products.  The card is a sticker autograph and is pretty common, but for some reason its one of the better selling and trading Machado autographs out on the market.  Personally, I was really aiming for one of the USA Baseball autos, which despite being limited in print run, on-card, and difficult to find at times, sell and trade for less than this card.  Go figure.  Anyway, I am happy with the addition and will find more Machado autographs to post here in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, check the O's box scores and lets root for some doubles.  Do you think a doubles record gets press coverage in October?  I sure Machado picks it back up.

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