Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1998 Topps Gold Label Red Ray Lankford

A quick post for tonight before a pair of longer ones for tomorrow and Thursday.  I would consider myself a Ray Lankford super collector.  I own hundreds of Lankford cards which is a hard feat to pull off considering he is a pretty ordinary player who roughly played for only a decade.  During that time there were a fair number of Ray Lankford cards, but he's not an overwhelming, or impossible, player to collect.  Think of this way: The hardest part of collecting Ray Lankford cards is chasing down the parallels he had in all the different sets.

Many people who collect an individual player would probably say the same thing.  However, since most of Lankford's cards were produced during the 90s there are very few of his cards that are 1/1 or printing plates.  There are a few floating around, but not many.  I make sure that I monitor Ebay, Check out My Cards, and other places including trade forums and groups looking for Lankford cards.  Recently, I actually ran across one that I did not own.

1998 Topps Gold Label Red Ray Lankford 

This card is from the 1998 Topps Gold Label set.  I have several other Lankford parallels from this set already, so I was extremely happy to add this card to my collection.  In my opinion, the Gold Label sets were some of the best high end products out on the market in the late 90s and probably one of my favorite Topps releases from this era.  The 1998 and 1999 sets are the best two.  The set came in three different classes, or variations, with each of the three variations have a red or black parallel.  Overall, a nice addition to the Lankford collection, but it has been way too long.

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