Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jim Edmonds Lot

I dabble in purchasing cards.  I would always rather trade, but every once in awhile I will go down that avenue.  This past week I had a few extra bucks in Paypal and decided what I could get on Check Out My Cards.  This is a pretty good site for buying cards, but I would certainly stress patience when buying here.  First, the cards are priced using Beckett.  Don't get me started.  However, you can find some bargains if you look carefully.  So, I set out to find some Jim Edmonds cards with $20 to spend.

I am currently in the process of rebuilding part of my Edmonds collection.  I was really unhappy with him during his brief stint with the Cubs and Reds, but I have come back around during the last year since he has retired.  I checked out the autographs first, but couldn't get anything.  I moved to materials cards and ended up with six cards including two jumbos.  I had the cards shipped out and they arrived late this week.

2002 Upper Deck Connections Diamond Collection Jim Edmonds Jersey

2002 Fleer EX Behind The Numbers Jim Edmonds Jersey

 2004 Fleer Ultra Seasons Crowns Jim Edmonds Jersey

2001 SP Game Bat Jim Edmonds Bat

 2005 Prime Patches Jim Edmonds Jumbo Jersey

2005 Prime Patches Jim Edmonds Jumbo Jersey

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