Monday, May 28, 2012

Target Mojo

The Target store in Apex, North Carolina has packs of cards right next to the Express Lane checkout.  I trade and buy enough cards that I usually stroll past the display, check out, and head home.  This Saturday, I was in buying a few things when a box blaster of Topps Archives caught my eye.  I decided to try it out and was really happy to dig out this card:

2012 Topps Archives Willie Stargell Jersey Card  

This card is definitely one of the better cards on the checklist of jerseys and I have never pulled a Stargell jersey, bat, or any other sort of relic.  I ended up going back out a little later in the afternoon and picked up a second blaster and pulled this card:  

2012 Topps Archives Jason Motte Jersey Card

Not as cool as, but a great pull nonetheless.  


  1. If you would be interested in letting that Stargell go, I would be willin to work out a deal to get it into my son's collection.

    1. I would trade the Stargell. Mainly interested in Cardinals and Rays.