Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Bowman Kolten Wong Autograph

This week has been an absolutely crazy week in the life of me and I am honestly ecstatic to have reached Friday evening of a holiday weekend.  I am decompressing tonight in my office waiting to watch a box break a bought into for the Topps Archives (hoping for a Ray Lankford autograph, but will settle for Jose Oquendo).  My desk is crowded with all sorts of cards and packages that I haven't opened that I will go through this weekend.

Tonight I picked out one envelope and opened it to post and finish out a post from earlier in the week.  I traded for a 2012 Bowman Kolten Wong autograph from the 2012 Bowman set.  I love the Bowman autographs this year and have really enjoyed the fact that the Cardinals prospects are pretty much all highly regarded.  Wong is a real up and comer if you don't know the name.  He's playing in the Texas League right now, which is a pitcher friendly league, and has a .325/.392/.471 line.  My only criticism of the card is the fact that it is sticker autograph.   Sticker autographs make me sad.  

2012 Bowman Kolten Wong Autograph

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