Sunday, July 7, 2013

2012 Topps Pro Debut Mascots Wool E Bull

I do not attend baseball games to check out the mascots, but I must admit that Wool E. Bull is one of the coolest mascots around sports.  When most people think of the Durham Bulls mascot they probably think of this guy:

However, the bull mascot from the movie is not the actual mascot of my favorite minor league team.  Instead, it is the awesome Wool E Bull. 

 While I am sure that many of the other minor league mascots are excellent, I am pretty sure that Wool E Bull is a good enough mascot to hang in the Majors.  I know that he's better several of the Major League mascots that I have seen during my time traveling to Major League parks.  Rosie Red?  Please. Slider.  Terrible.  Homer looks like Mr. Met.  I might even put Wool E Bull ahead of Fredbird.  When I saw that Topps was putting mascot cards in their Pro Debut set I was positive that they would have Wool E Bull in the set.   

2013 Topps Pro Debut Mascots Wool E Bull


Sure enough Wool E Bull landed in the Mascots set.  The center of the card is a fabric material with a picture printed on it.  The bull is raised slightly on the card giving it a feeling of being embossed.  It's a beautiful and well designed card, but a definite knock off of the college mascot cards that Upper Deck put out earlier this year.  

2013 Upper Deck College Mascots Mr. Wuf

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  1. Love me some Bull Durham! Kudos to both Topps & UD for these creative insert sets.