Saturday, March 2, 2024

All My Wildest Dreams Come True

In the almost 20 years I have lived in North Carolina, I have thought it would be really awesome to see a favorite player with the Durham Bulls end up on the Cardinals and have a successful run with my favorite Major League team. For years, I have been hoping that someone like Evan Longoria, David Price, or Blake Snell would end up in St. Louis, but it has never happened.  

Well, this past year the Cardinals finally ended up with a favorite former Durham Bulls player when they signed Taylor Motter (mutliple times) to be a utility player and the person at the end of their bench. Not really the type of star power I was hoping for, but I was still a big fan of Motter on the Cardinals.  

Taylor Motter is good defensively at multiple positions, but can struggle with the bat. Taylor's performance on the Cardinals did not really surprise me, as he has bounced around to multiple teams over the past few seasons. 

If you are a regular reader or read my Twitter page, you know that I really wanted a Taylor Motter card on the Cardinals during the past year regardless of on-field production and my wish came true when Topps included him in their Heritage High Numbers release.  

I believe I declared this my favorite card of 2023.......

Over the past few months, I have checked on parallels for this card on Ebay and COMC, but have seen none. I figured the base card was good enough for my collection. However, last weekend I revisited my saved search "2023 Heritage Motter" one last time and I struck gold.  

I found the black parallel, which would be the rarest Motter parallel outside of the printing plates.   

This card is limited to a stated print run of just 50 copies. 

Although, it's not actually serial numbered.  


  1. Maybe another dream will come true... and the Cardinals will sign Snell too.

    1. That would require the Cardinals to spend money, which would be beyond my wildest dreams. Not going to happen.


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