Saturday, August 18, 2012

Three New Cardinals

 I picked up three new Cardinals cards last week and haven't had a chance to post them yet, so lets get down to business.

2012 Bowman Platinum Matt Adams

I've tried not to go too hard after Matt Adams cards this year.  First, I think they are overvalued.  His first certified autograph card issued in the Bowman set sold for weeks after the products debut or around $20.  Meanwhile, pitching prospect Carlos Martinez sold for roughly the same amount for an on-card autograph in the same set.  Martinez is much more highly regarded in terms of being a prospect on the field.  Adams's cards have still stayed pretty high even though he is blocked at first base by Allen Craig and is probably better suited playing DH in the American League.  The Bowman Platinum autograph of Adams is probably his nicest one of the year.  

I also picked up this Ozzie Smith dual jersey card.  I have a couple other jersey pieces from this set which has lots of good Hall of Famers.  This Ozzie card is numbered to just 126 and features two gray pieces.  I would be cool if the jersey pieces were powder blue, but it's still an Ozzie.  I will give kudos to Upper Deck for having a 90s picture of Ozzie on the card to match the 90s jersey pieces.  

Last card for tonight.  I picked up my third cool Ray Lankford card of the week.  This card is a multiple for me, but at $1 I cannot pass.  This is a Players Private Issue card from 1996 Topps Gallery.  This is a parallel set that ran in every Gallery set issued by Topps.  The 1996 version was the easiest to come across at 1000 print runs of each card.  Love the 90s.  By the late 90s, Topps had trimmed that number down to 150.  


  1. Nice, I like the Ozzie. And I agree on Matt Adams being overvalued. Now that he's shut down for the year maybe they'll take a little dip and you can pounce.