Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Does anybody want some Magic Johnson?

Taking my title from a great Chili Peppers song my trade mail today focuses on a card that I have been chasing for eight or nine months.  One of my highest priorities with my collection is to seek out and find as many cool and unique Cardinals cards as I possibly can.  Today I feel like I ran into a really cool one.  I acquired this card last weekend with a dealer in Michigan who was looking for some Tigers cards.  I put together a couple of cool Tigers cards and walked away with this gem:

The card is a 2010 Donruss Elite Jordan Swagerty autograph, but the card was actually signed by Magic Johnson.  I've heard all kinds of crazy theories of how this happened, but don't have a tin foil hat.  Just a really cool card.  

Just in case you have deprived of this song...


  1. Woe that is crazy great find. But how did you hear of this?