Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Celebrating One Month

I have had a great time during the past few weeks blogging about my baseball card collection and trades.  It has been awesome to meet new people and talk cards with people responding to my posts.  To thank everyone for everything during the few weeks I am launching a contest this week and another contest next week.  The contest is trivia based and participants with the correct answer will receive two cards (they are nice) related to the correct answer and the question's subject.  Hint: The all are all related to the Snorting Bull.  Answers for the first contest question must be sent in an email to or sent in a pm to The Snorting Bull on Facebook.  The contest ends Sunday April 1st at 8 pm EST.  Winners will be announced that evening.

Contest #1 Question- During the summer of 2007 Evan Longoria played briefly for the Durham Bulls.  Who was the primary third baseman that season for the Durham Bulls prior to Longoria's arrival?


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