Friday, March 23, 2012

First Player Collection

It has been a crazy week and I have not had much time for cards this week, but I am through one crazy week at work and ready for some down time.  I am going to start my weekend with my original player collection: Ray Lankford.  Mark McGwire once said that he was the best protection that he ever had in the lineup.  He actually hit fourth behind McGwire during most of the 1998 season.  I would like to think that my Ray Lankford collection started way back in 1991 when I spent my Sunday afternoons watching the Cardinals in old Busch Stadium with my father where I witnessed Ray Lankford, as a rookie, hit for the cycle.  Still have my scorecard.  Six years later I took up collecting Ray Lankford cards.  Fifteen years later I have hundreds of Ray Lankford cards and am always on the lookout for rare cards.  It's a fun collection still since he played a long time ago and the majority of his cards were made in an era when there were few parallels and printing plates.    For this blog entry I have selected my ten favorite Ray Lankford cards.

1.  1998 Skybox EX-2001 Essential Credentials 50/52

2.  1998 Donruss Crusade 75/250

3.1999 SP Signature Autograph 

4. 1998 SP Chirography Autograph

5.  Fleer Gamers Lumber Ray Lankford Bat Card

1999 Skybox EX-Century Essential Credentials 38/75

1999 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection 58/99

1999 Fleer Ultra Platinum Medallion 55/99

1999 Pacific Crown Royale Red 69/99

I have also included the 1991 box score from the September 15th Mets-Cardinals game.  You will also note that Rheal Cormier pitched the game of his life that afternoon.  

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