Monday, March 26, 2012

Highlights from the Weekend

I made several trades over the weekend and will have a few more cards to show off from some awesome traders on Facebook later on in the week.  However, I did get some actually cards in my hand this afternoon from trades made last Thursday and Friday ready to get some props.  So, here are my four favorite from the weekend:

1.  2011 Topps Triple Threads Gio Gonzalez Autograph

This is my second copy of this card, so I probably go to flip one of them around this week.  We'll see what I can get for it.  

2.  2009 SP Authentic James McDonald By The Letter Autograph

Not the greatest player by any means, but I really enjoy some of the letter autographs put out during Upper Deck's final days in the baseball game.  The autographs can be a little bit shaky on some of the cards, but compared to other McDonald autographs this is pretty nice. 

3.  2011 Topps Triple Threads Evan Longoria Cards  

I got two different variations of Longoria.  The first is numbered 7/18 and the second is numbered 04/27.  Best of all I purged my collection of Cubs to get these cards.  

4. 2005 Prime Patches Jim Thome Patch 

It's just a really nice patch, but it is numbered to 150.  More later tonight.  

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