Friday, March 30, 2012

3 Different Trades

I've got some great cards to post this evening from three different trades that I made over the past few days.  All three trades were Facebook trades from different groups that I have joined.  Many of the groups have the same circle of people, but there are some differences in some groups.  So, without further delay I will recount my trades so far this week.  

Trade #1 
I met a Braves collector with a few days ago with some Cardinals cards that he was trying to unload.  Two in particular caught my eye.  First, I have picked up a few Topps Tribute autographs the past week since it was released and love the fact that Topps has actually put out a high end product with on-card autographs.  This card is a Matt Holliday serial numbered to /74.  The card is my third Topps Tribute autograph to go along with my Matt Kemp and Matt Moore.  I was also able to add in a Tim Hudson from an old issue of Fleer Focus and also picked up a throw in with a Ray Lankford Millennium Marks autograph.  I have the Lankford card, but I don't turn down throw ins and I don't turn down Ray Lankfords.  Going the other way was a very nice 2000 SPX Chipper autograph and a Andruw Jones autograph.  

Trade #2
I saw a post earlier this week with a Clayton Kershaw autograph and answered since the person was looking for Tigers and I had a few to burn.  I also do not have a single Clayton Kershaw autograph, relic, etc.  in my collection and I figure I should add one before the Dodgers win something and the price goes up.  The trader through in a nice Bryce Harper to boot and I sent him back a 2002 Fleer Al Kaline autograph and another nice Tigers card.  

Trade #3
I had a collector contact me during the past week about trading for a Nolan Ryan jersey card and the collector also seems to love Triple Threads cards...maybe more than me, so I turned those to cards into three pretty sweet cards.  First, I got a Fleer Platinum Lance Berkman patch.  Fleer put patches into the Nameplates inserts for a few in the mid 90's and if you look you can find some sweet patches out there in these cards.  I actually have another Berkman card like this, but I couldn't pass up this one.  I also received two more cards for my Marquee collection with two Michael Youngs.  One is a jumbo jersey and the other is a quad jersey with one small piece of patch.  


  1. WOW!!! Those are some very nice additions to the collection.

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    JayBee Anama

    1. Thank you for the addition! Much appreciated!