Friday, July 5, 2013

2013 Topps Museum Collection Jon Jay Jumbo Bat

I've picked up a few nice pieces from Museum Collection this year, but had not picked up any of the jumbo pieces from the set until this week.  The prices for the jumbo pieces often come with a premium and deservedly so given that the print runs of the jumbo pieces are often out of 25 and 10 versus the 100, 50, and 25 of the regular jersey and bat pieces.  I looked at adding several Cardinals and Rays pieces to my collection from the jumbo line, but the pricing was rather difficult on several of the pieces.

While willing to pay a premium price for a premium card, I am still not going to pay an outrageous amount for a card of a player like Jon Jay.  While Jay is a nice player it's hard to justify spending $40 dollars or more for one of his cards.  Even for something like a 1/1 printing plate of the Cardinals outfielder, I have seen the prices much lower than that.  So, when this years version of Museum Collection dropped the prices on the Cardinals jumbo pieces were a bit backwards.  The Adam Wainwright jumbo jersey card, for example, hovered in the teens.  Meanwhile, collectors fought tooth and nail for the jumbo version of Jon Jay.

Finally, the copies of the cards started drying up and one or two final copies floated up on Ebay.  I waited patiently for copy to end and was able to secure this copy of the Jay card for less than $10.

2013 Museum Collection Jon Jay Jumbo Bat Card

While it was pointed out to me by a fellow collector, during my pursuit of this Jay card, that the pricing premium was probably caused by the fact that this is the only Jay jumbo relic on the market, it also reiterates the fact that collectors need to set their budget where they value the card.  If you are honest with yourself about where the price should land, chances are that the secondary market will eventually correct itself, and you will find your card for the price you want it for.

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  1. Your Cardinals collection is fantastic and I hate teh Cardinals.