Saturday, July 13, 2013

2012 Bowman Sterling George Springer Autograph

I have posted a few George Springer cards over the past few weeks and have really enjoyed collecting the Astros outfield prospect.  There are plenty of good Springer cards out on the market including plenty of good autographs.  I had started my Springer collection after he posted a .297/.399/.579 line with 19 homers and 23 steals in AA.  At the time he was being promoted up to the Astros AAA in Oklahoma City.  Since his promotion there has not been much of an adjustment period.  So far in PCL Springer has posted a .404/.507/.842 line with 7 homers and 5 steals.  It's only 70 at-bats, but clearly there is a lot of talent here.

Naturally, I was happy to add my third Springer autograph to my collection during the third month.  Like the other two Springers, this card from the Bowman Sterling set, features a sticker autograph.

2012 Bowman Sterling George Springer Autograph 

Of course I am still on the hunt for more Springer autographs and was thrilled to see Topps insert an autograph of him into the Bowman Inception set, but the pricing has started to tick up on his cards.  A month ago when I started hunting down Springer cards the market for his autographed cards was generally in between $10-$20.  Some of his harder to find, or unique cards, drifted north of $20.  However, I considered his cards very affordable for a top flight prospect.  Many of his basic autographs are now settling in around $20.  Premium autographs, such as the colored version of the Bowman Inception autograph, and his 2010 Bowman Autograph, are now selling between $40 and $50.

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