Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One Year on Bunt

Around this time last year I discovered the BUNT app.  I played around with it for a few weeks and finally made a post, it was kind of negative, sometime around mid-May.  The post ended up starting up a few dialogues with a few other collectors, some of whom totally trashed the app, while others thought I was a little bit off in my evaluation.  So, then a funny thing happened....

I spent the last year building up a collection on BUNT.  Now, I am not going to profess to being a super BUNT fan, nor am I a genius about building up my card collection on the site.  However, every day I went on to the app, collected my coins, and at some point during the week spent a little bit of time opening up packs of cards.  So, can I rewrite that BUNT evaluation now that I have spent a full year saving coins and opening packs?  Let's go for it.

After dropping the whole fantasy aspect of BUNT and just working on collecting cards the app became much more enjoyable.  I almost felt like I was collecting cards as a kid again.  I would save up my coins on BUNT for a week and at the end I would buy a few packs.  When I was a kid I got a few packs every week when my parents went to Dierbergs.  Slowly, but surely, I put together a Topps BUNT set and also started working on some of the colored parallels.

The cards in the base set are essentially the same as the regular Topps set, but I put that together in two box breaks.  This set took weeks and weeks to assemble.  I tried to buy packs which gave me a chance to land inserts.  Some weeks I was successful, other weeks not so much.  Some of my favorite insert sets this year were......

The Postseason set had a good run of players from each of the team's in this year's MLB playoffs, plus several extra Royals and Giants cards featuring a World Series motif.  I put together a big chunk of this set and especially had a good time trying to track down the Cardinals.   I did not end up with everything that I wanted, but it was still a good time.  I like that the packs of the Postseason cards also only featured the Postseason set.  It was a good way to take a little break from the base set for a few weeks.  

There were also all kinds of cool throw back cards too.  Why did Topps put in a 1974 Archives set?  Why is there a James Loney card in the set?  I really do not care.  It looks different and has all sorts of players who normally do not get any love in a regular issued insert set.  There is also a Seth Smith in here....Way cool.  

and now for my best Bunt card of the year.....

If this were only a really card.....It's still a fun thing to look at on my phone.  

We are all done looking at cards now, but you should still read the rest of the post.  I enjoyed the past year of collecting on BUNT and am looking forward to working on the 2015 cards later this week.  In fact I was excited when this message popped up on my phone yesterday.....

BUNT may not be the most comfortable thing for long time collectors, but it presented me a new challenge as a collector which I am still trying to learn.  I've made it a little bit more simplistic than my actual baseball card collection, but most importantly I have had fun collecting these cards.  Oh, did I mention that the BUNT App is free and the cards are basically free too?  If you have already tried BUNT and it's not your thing I completely understand, but if you have not spent anytime on it, it's worth a few minutes of your time.

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  1. I downloaded Bunt a week or two ago... it says Bunt Post Season. Hopefully it morphs into Bunt 2015. Although every time I try to go into the store, it crashes.
    So far, so good.