Sunday, March 8, 2015


When I was a kid I always seemed to end up at baseball card day.  I do not think it was anything intentional, but I have a Cardinals team issued set from a stadium giveaway from almost every year between 1988 and 1995.  The Cardinals team sets were pretty typical of baseball cards that were given away by teams.  They had a sponsor stamp somewhere on the front and a big advertisement on the back.  One year the set was issued by Kansas City Life Insurance, another year it was sponsored by the St. Louis Police Department, and the card I am sharing the week for #MyCardMonday features an ad from the U.S. Forest Service.

The cards have been hanging out in a big Rubbermaid container I have filled with ticket stubs, scorecards, and different programs that I have picked up over the years attending baseball games.  I had a great time looking through the cards a few days back and decided to pick one to share this week.

This Ozzie Smith was my favorite in all of the sets.  This card was from the 1988 Cardinals Team Issue set, that's a cool Smokey the Bear in the corner, and features a cool picture of the Hall of Fame shortstop hopping over Gary Gaetti in the 1987 World Series.  There is no better name on the 1980s Cardinals than Ozzie Smith, throw in a really sweet picture, and this is a cool card.  Here's a look at the back......

Love the cool cartoon PSA with Smokey the Bear.  The cards in almost all of the team issued stadium giveaway Cardinals sets are oversized including the 1988 set.  The card is 4 inches by 2.5 inches which made storage an issue.  My Ozzie card is not in the best shape and I honestly thought about possibly just replacing my set.  Storing these team sets in a Rubbermaid container was probably not the best idea, but they are really cheap on Ebay.

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  1. Wow I have a good size Ozzie collection filled with random stuff like this but have never come across one of these. Very cool card to ebay!