Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More Topps High Tek

Not a lot of time for chatter today, but I wanted to show off the latest additions to the collection.  All of these cards are from the 2014 relaunch of the Topps Tek product and came into my collection via a trade for a few extra Rays autographs I had hanging around my desk.  I was originally going to cash in a single Alex Cobb autograph for a few base cards, but ended up being able to swap out an extra Steven Souza autograph for a cool 1990s autograph out of the Tek set.

Here's a look at the new base cards from the Tek set I added:

I still have some more Cardinals cards from the base set I need to add, and since I picked up the Pujols, maybe I should just go ahead and try to put together the whole entire set.   It would be a fun set to put together.  I also picked up one autograph from the set as well, which was not originally on my list of cards to add, but I really liked the looks of the card.....

I actually have another Edgar Martinez autograph in my collection, but it is not nearly as nice of a card as this on-card Topps Tek signature.  I know that he has signed for several different Topps products over the past two or three years, but I have just not added one of his cards to my collection.  I liked Edgar Martinez as a player, he was a great nineties players, so I will put this card in my box of autographs and shuffle my Donruss Signature sticker autograph out in a trade for something else...

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