Saturday, March 28, 2015

High Tek Bum

I had some plan a few weeks ago to find a bunch of the cool 1990s era player autographs from the 2014 Topps High Tek product.  I was working on that plan and got a little bit sidetracked and ended up landing a totally non-1990s autographs, but I guess this card can still fit in my collection because:

1.  It's a player from North Carolina

2.  Autographs of World Series MVPs look nice in any card collection

I picked my newest card up from a Facebook trade.  Ironically, I made the deal with a Royals fan which felt kind of like reliving last fall's World Series.  I needed to send a few Alex Gordon's home in order to complete the deal, but the trade was tough assignment since I had to find some cards of Royals relief pitchers.  Apparently there are not a ton of them hanging around my collection, nor other people's collections.

In the end I walked away with this Madison Bumgarner......

I have a few Mad Bum autographs already, and I am not specifically collecting him, but you really cannot go wrong by adding a few of his cards to the collection.  He's got a few World Series rings, he's still relatively young, and should do well with maintaining his card value over time.  Given the potential resume he could end his career with, given what's already there, I actually think he's a bit underrated.