Saturday, March 7, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Part 2

I am on to the base set for the second half of my Topps Heritage post.  The 425 non-short-printed base cards are usually not too hard to find, but those 75 short prints and different variations always seem to take most of the summer to put together.  However, I am going to need a little bit of work to put together the 425 base cards.  I have not quite finished putting sorting the cards I pulled out of my two boxes and retail packs, but I am guessing I am going to need more than 50 base cards and 50 short prints.  

In going through the stacks of base cards and sorting them into a set I have narrowed my favorite cards down to three based on my baseball rooting and viewing interests....

First card that I love in the base set is Jason Heyward.  I know this is somehow airbrushed, but I am hoping this is a great year for Heyward and the Cardinals.  Pujols is gone, Holliday and Wainwright are getting older, it's time for a new star to take over for the Cardinals.  I have started to dabble in Heyward cards, but have not gone all in quite yet.  Still slightly nervous that he won't live up to expectations or he won't sign with the team at the end of the year.  Anyway, this is the first Heyward card in a Cardinals uniform that I have added to my collection and I am hoping there are many more to come.  Great card and easy favorite out of the Cardinals cards.  

Second card favorite card goes to former Duke Blue Devil Marcus Stroman.  I enjoyed watching The Stro Show during his time in Durham and also at USA Baseball.  I have followed him through the Minors and into the Majors last season.  This will be Stroman's first full season in Toronto and he should have a good year for a good Blue Jays team.  If you are on Twitter be sure to give Stroman a follow.  He is easily one of my favorite players to follow and you will appreciate how hard he works at his craft.  

Last card goes for a former Durham Bulls player B.J. Upton.  I am guessing we are probably down to our last card of the Braves outfielder with B.J. on the card instead of Melvin.  Upton was the star player of the Durham Bulls when I first moved to North Carolina a decade ago.  The first opening day I went to at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park was ended on an Upton walk off Grand Slam.  B.J. has had a rough couple of years with the Braves, and while I am guessing a turn around will likely not happen for B.J., but I hope he at least puts up respectable numbers.  

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