Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#WalletCard Field Trip: NC State Edition

My wallet, a 1991 Topps Geronimo Pena, celebrated one week in my wallet yesterday.  We decided to take a little bit of a lunch break yesterday while I was working on a few things at NC State.  Geronimo needed to see the sites, so we went on a quick 10 minute campus tour.  Think of him like an interested high school kid.  Sure, I got a couple of weird looks taking pictures of a baseball card, in the rain, at different spots around campus.  Here's a look at Geronimo's campus tour:

Stop Number 1- The Bell Tower 

This is the iconic building on campus.  The Bellower was built to honor the NC State students who died during World War 1.  I attended class just a short distance from the Bell Tower and walked by here all the time for the years I attended NC State.  Here is a plaque showing the different stages of construction:

Rainy days are not great days to hang out at the tower, but Geronimo and I are willing to make a return later tonight if our Wolfpack beat those dreaded Tar Heels.  After an important win the school lights the Bell Tower up red at night.

Geronimo enjoyed the tower, but there is much more to being on a college campus than hanging out at iconic buildings.  Since we are at NC State we should probably visit a classroom buildings.  No mistaking us for Tar Heels.

Stop Number 2- Poe Hall 

We do not have enough teachers in North Carolina.  Our state does not really treat them too well, but that's for a different post on a different blog.  Would Geronimo enjoy a career in education?  This is Poe Hall which houses the NC State College of Education.  I own a Masters of School Administration from the school.  So many cool classes to take in this building.  The Psychology Department is in here too.  Back in the day they used to have a really nice leather sofa on the fourth or fifth floor.  It's been too long, but we don't have time to sit down.  Snap a selfie and on we go.....

Stop Number 3- Run with the Wolves 

Geronimo and I found this cool sculpture down the street from Reynolds Coliseum and Talley Student Union.  There are actually three wolves in this little courtyard, but I was not going to take pictures of people smoking with the wolves.  There were no basketball games and we do not go into the student union at lunch.  My tolerance for hungry undergraduates has declined over the years.  Geronimo understood.  This seemed like a good place for another picture.

While we were checking out this cool wolf sculpture we saw this cool sign for Tedx, or Ted Talks.  I am a pretty big fan, but there appear to be no Ted Talks about baseball cards.  If I applied to speak about baseball cards would I be accepted?  Would I be allowed to bring Geronimo?  I better think of some cool math or science connection between baseball cards and something that someone at NC State is working on right now.  Hmmmm......

4. Stop Number 4- Free Expression Tunnel

If you like graffiti and live in central North Carolina then this might be the coolest place around.  The Free Expression Tunnel runs underneath a set of train tracks and also happens to be a place where graffiti is legal.  Here's that the tunnel looks like from the outside:

Geronimo and I tried taking a picture inside the tunnel, but the lighting was hurting the final product. We ended up taking a close up with the cool graffiti wall just outside of the tunnel.

It looks like Geronimo is getting a little bit of wear around the edges and has a little crease going too. Back into the wallet for right now, but we will take a few more field trips throughout the next year.  I am thinking our next field trip might be into work.  How will Geronimo handle a day in fourth grade?


  1. Reading about your field trip makes me miss my time at NC State. Glad that Geronimo had fun touring campus!

  2. We totally need a Ted talk on cards. MAKE IT HAPPEN!